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Y4D, you are AMAZING! The children have managed to raise a massive £445 for Pawprints to Freedom! 🐶💚

Over the past 6 weeks, Y4D have taken part in the LFC Foundation #iWill project. The project focuses on empowering children to identify, prioritise and tackle issues that they feel really strongly about. Y4D chose to fight against animal cruelty and to raise money/awareness for the charity Pawprints to Freedom (who help shelter and street dogs from Romania find their forever homes in the U.K) after learning all about the wonderful work that they do. A few months ago, Y4D got Romania in the school Eurovision sweepstake. We decided to try and make a personal link between Romania and our school community. Mrs Pearson and her husband adopted their lovely dog, Flik, from Pawprints to Freedom back in 2020. We decided to look into Flik’s journey and where she came from and how her life is so much better now she is in her loving forever home. The children were so enthralled and inspired by all the work the charity do (and fell in love with Flik!), that it was really easy for them to choose an issue to tackle as part of their #iWill project. The children wanted to raise money for Pawprints to Freedom by doing a sponsored run. During their sessions with the LFC Foundation, they looked further into the charity, made posters about Flik and her journey and even made wonderful t-shirts to wear for their run. Yesterday, Y4D completed their sponsored run. They planned to a run a sponsored mile. However, many of the children ended up running more than two miles because they were doing constant laps of our school field!

The children have worked so hard to get all their sponsors and are so proud of themselves for raising so much money for a very worthy cause. We know that this incredible amount is going to go to help and support so many other dogs find their forever homes in the U.K.

We are so incredibly #DistrictProud of you, Y4D. You are such SUPERSTARS! 🥰✨🌈💚

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