Our Y6 journey continues…

After our half-term’s research project on William Shakespeare, we gave presentation to the rest of the class. We also memorised part of The Witches’ Chant from Macbeth, which was a real challenge. We have written our own spells and the story opening to Shakespeare’s “Sottish Play”.

In maths, we have explored algebra; using a range of problem solving strategies to calculate missing numbers, solve algebraic equations and use given formula to find area of a range of shapes.

World Book Day was beastly: the theme was “Heroes and Beasts” and a we had a roaring time!

In geography, we increased our knowledge of the Mediterranean, in particular Italy and the cities of Venice and Rome.

In RE, we studied the Easter Story and Jesus’ life.

In reading, we have maintained our class position at the top of the reading leader board. We celebrated another class millionaire and have currently read 11,550,542 words. We have got up to allsorts in reading: quizzes, questions and most of all going to a completely different world without leaving our seats. We enjoyed the novel “Holes,” which took us to Texas!

We ended the term with a fine display of Easter bonnets.

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