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Spring 2 Year 6S

Our Y6 journey continues…

After our half-term’s research project on William Shakespeare, we gave presentation to the rest of the class. We also memorised part of The Witches’ Chant from Macbeth, which was a real challenge. We have written our own spells and the story opening to Shakespeare’s “Sottish Play”. We wrote beautiful dialogue, based on The Piano by Aidan Gibbons, which brought many a tear to the reader’s eye!
This term, Maths has kept us on our toes-literally! With races for converting measure facts; percentage relays; moving multiplication and our problem solving Easter egg hunt, who would have thought maths lessons could be such fun?
In Science, we focused on light. We investigated how the size of shadows change, depending on whether they are closer or further away from a light source, and worked in groups to create our own models to prove that light can only travel in straight lines, improving our recording skills in the process. Our favourite challenge was learning about periscopes. Firstly, we researched how periscopes were used in WW1 by soldiers in the trenches and on submarines, then we became secret agents, making our own periscopes to see round corners. This proved quite tricky and we had to use lots of mathematical skills too to get the mirrors just right! We are very excited to be moving onto Electrical Circuits next half term.

This term, we have celebrated uniqueness and diversity on World Book Day and Autism and Down’s Syndrome Awareness Days.

In RE, we have studied the Easter Story and Jesus’ life.

Breakfast Booster groups for three mornings a week have continued and the rewards keep coming: from choose your own seat to treasure chest lucky dip.

In reading, our class has maintained our position at the top of the reading leader board: we have currently read 6,784,456 words. Currently, we are enjoying the novel “Holes,” which has taken us to Texas!

We ended the term with an arts’ week, with a visit from UC Crew street dancers; a performance poetry competition and some environmental art- a brilliant way to recycle used paper.

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