During this half term, Y6 have been working harder than ever. In Maths, the children have been exploring algebra; using a range of problem solving strategies to calculate missing numbers; solve algebraic equations and use given formula to find the area of a range of shapes. The hard work hasn’t stopped there. In English, Y6 have been exploring the work of William Shakespeare. They have delved into the sinister plotting of Macbeth and will continue to unravel this dark tale of betrayal when they return from the Easter break. In Computing, we have looked into coding and its application in modern society and there was some surprise at the amount of coding that goes into some of our favourite computer games. In Topic, the children have been exploring Europe, with particular focus being placed on Italy. We have taken an in depth look at Rome and Venice and have written persuasive texts for the Italian Travel Board on both. All in all, an exceptionally busy and enjoyable half term.

Happy Easter everyone!

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