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It has been non-stop this half term and all our Year 6 pupils have continued to work incredibly hard. 

After our half-term’s research project on William Shakespeare, we enjoyed presenting what we had learnt to the rest of the class. We have written our own spooky spells and poetry inspired by the Witches’ Chant from Macbeth, and wrote beautiful dialogue, based on The Piano by Aidan Gibbons, which brought many a tear to the reader’s eye!  We are currently enjoying our class novel, “Holes,” which has taken us to Texas. 

In Science, we have investigated how the size of shadows change and created models to prove that light travels in straight lines, improving our recording skills in the process.   Our favourite challenge was learning about periscopes and becoming secret agents, making our own periscopes to see round corners.  This proved quite tricky and we had to use lots of mathematical skills too to get the mirrors just right!  We are very excited to be moving onto Electrical Circuits next half term. 

This term, Maths has kept us on our toes-literally!  With races for converting measure facts; percentage relays; moving multiplication  and our problem solving Easter egg hunt, who would have thought maths lessons could be such fun!

Another exciting highlight of the term was Art Week, recycling paper to create paper collages of sea animals affected by plastic pollution, and of course, winning the Poetry Performance competition!  Well done Y6AR: keep up the fantastic effort!

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