During this half term, the children in Y4G have worked harder than ever! We have become fantastic historians during our topic on the Mayans were we learned all about Maya daily life. We started the unit by playing Mayan football, which was really tricky because we could not use our hands or let the ball touch the floor. We also tried to make our own Mayan temples, using spaghetti and marshmallows. We had to see which team could make the highest temple in 5 minutes. We all really worked well in our teams and got some really good results! In English, we read the Iron Man by Ted Hughes and wrote our own non-chronological reports about our very own iron creatures, which we created ourselves. We all tried really hard to make sure we included our Y4 sentence types. In our maths lessons we looked at fractions, which were tricky too! We learned how to add and subtract fractions and how to find the fractions of amounts. Ask us anything and test our knowledge! We hope our District family have a very happy Easter!

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