Last half term, Y3D had lots of fun learning about their local environment. The main focus of their topic based learning was The Nine Arches Bridge in Earlestown. The children used their research skills to discover when and why this bridge was built and they used their geographical skills, to locate it on both traditional and on-line maps.

In Art, the children used photographs of the bridge to learn about line, shading and perspective. They recorded detailed observations in their sketchbooks, demonstrating their abilities to draw objects in 3D. They learned how traditional artists created paintings of landscapes using watercolours and created their own watercolour studies of the bridge, from their sketches.

In Design Technology, the children extended their learning about bridges. They used model making kits, to respond to bridge building challenges and were positively enthralled by the photographs and film footage of the building of the new Mersey Gateway!
In English, the main focus of the children’s learning was the book entitled ‘The Wolves in The Walls’. This story had the children gripped from beginning to end and I was so proud of the writing which they produced at the end of their unit of learning! The children all managed to innovate their own version of the story, based on the original and we are in the process of displaying some of the very best examples in our reading area.

In Maths, the children learned how to tell the time. This proved to be quite tricky for some of the class and I would like to ask parents for their support with this at home. Year 3 children need to be able to tell the time to the nearest second on both analogue and digital clocks. They also need to be able to tell the time on clocks which have Roman numerals.

In PE, the children worked alongside a professional sports coach, to learn how to play tennis. The coach and I were amazed by the overall progress of the children and definitely spotted some potential future tennis stars amongst our class!

The whole class have continued to work incredibly hard with their reading both in school and at home and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents and carers for their support with this. Since September, Y3D have read a grand total of 1728611words!
I’m sure you will all agree that this is a fabulous achievement, which will really help the children to progress across the whole curriculum…however; the children have decided that they would like to try to reach a target of 3 MILLION words by the end of this academic year! With this in mind, could you please ensure that your child reads at home every single day and that they have their book bag in school whenever they have completed a reading book so that they can complete their reading quiz and change their reading book?

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