Y6AR Autumn 2018 blog

It is hard to believe that half term is here already! We are incredibly proud of how quickly the children have settled into life in Year 6 and how hard they are working.  When we’ve not been strumming our ukuleles to the ‘Final Countdown’ or shimmying and swaying to a variety of European dances, we’ve been perfecting our sketching skills and producing some awesome arachnid art work, inspired by the poem ‘The Spider and the Fly’ and the wonderful drawings by Tony Diterlizzi.  We’ve become experts at classifying living things in Science and refined our rounding and place value skills in Maths.  We were also super proud of our team of marvellous mathematicians – Summer, Emma, George and Jenna – who represented our school recently at Hope Academy Maths Challenge and came third!   There really is no end to the talents of our pupils!  Very well done, Y6AR!  We hope you will continue to strive hard to achieve your District Learner goals when we come back!

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