Y4D Autumn 2018 blog

What a start to the year! The children have all settled into Year 4 really well and have started the year with a very hard-working, enthusiastic attitude towards their learning. Y4D have really enjoyed our topic on South America and the Amazon rainforest, learning lots of interesting facts about the animals that live in there and the structure of a rainforest. The children have also learned about the people who live in South America and how their lives differ to ours. Y4D have been super mathematicians this half term. We have spent the majority of this half-term looking at number and place value, learning how to read and write 4d numbers. We also looked at placing 4d numbers on a number line. At first, we found this a tricky, but with a little bit of help from practical equipment, we are now have a much more secure understanding. We are very proud of ourselves!

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