Nursery Summer 2018 blog

Summer 2 has been full of excitement and endless energy in nursery. We became engrossed in weddings, inspired by the Royal wedding. We began to learn all about one of our Christian values of LOVE and delve deeper into what a wedding is and why people would choose to get married. We looked at lots of wedding photographs and Mrs Osborne even wore her wedding dress to school one morning to ‘kick off’ our topic.

We decided to deepen children’s understanding of this topic by having our very own nursery wedding, in church with Reverend Val. Parents and carers joined us and we celebrated the service with vows and hymns. Abigail and Albie even had some rings to exchange. We followed the service with a wedding breakfast back at nursery. With a buffet the children had all made themselves, ranging from buttering and quartering sandwiches to following recipes to bake cakes using a balance scale.

All children were involved and enjoyed the experience, they still talk about it today as a highlight of their nursery year.

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