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Little Stars Summer Blog

This term we have been looking at pirates. One of the stories we have shared has been ‘Pirates Love Underpants’ which the children have really enjoyed. We invited parents to our Pirate Day Party and it certainly was all hands on deck! Parents and children...

Year 1L Spring Blog

This half term the children in Y1L have enjoyed learning all about cars. We learned about the first type of car and found out all about Henry Ford. We then designed and made our own cars using different resources, including lego. The highlight of the half...

Year 1H Spring Blog

What an exciting Spring term year 1 have had! We went on an African adventure with Handa’s Surprise, tasting and writing about exotic fruits and finding out more about the continent. We compared our own town to an African village and made our very own...

Year 6S Spring Blog

Our Y6 journey continues… After our half-term’s research project on William Shakespeare, we gave presentation to the rest of the class. We also memorised part of The Witches’ Chant from Macbeth, which was a real challenge. We have written our own spells...

Year 6HA Spring Blog

During this half term, Y6 have been working harder than ever. In Maths, the children have been exploring algebra; using a range of problem solving strategies to calculate missing numbers; solve algebraic equations and use given formula to find the area of...

Year 5W Spring Blog

Spring was a very busy term in our class. We packed in lots of fun, learning and excitement. We were lucky enough to share this term with Miss Wilde from Edge Hill University. Y5W made her feel welcome into the #DistrictFamily and the pupils will miss her...

Year 5B Spring Blog

Another half term has gone by and the children continue to work extremely hard! Year 5 have become brilliant botanists this term, using the inspiring book ‘Botanicum’ to learn more about some very strange plants, developing our research and information...

Year 4L Spring Blog

Last half term, we started our term off by playing Mayan football and making Mayan temples, using spaghetti and marshmallows. We had to see which team could make the highest temple in 5 minutes. It was so tricky! When we played Mayan football,...

Year 4G Spring Blog

During this half term, the children in Y4G have worked harder than ever! We have become fantastic historians during our topic on the Mayans were we learned all about Maya daily life. We started the unit by playing Mayan football, which was really tricky...

Year 3D Spring Blog

Last half term, Y3D had lots of fun learning about their local environment. The main focus of their topic based learning was The Nine Arches Bridge in Earlestown. The children used their research skills to discover when and why this bridge was built and...

Year 3A Spring Blog

The children in year 3 made everyone at The District very proud during the Easter Service. They had worked very hard to learn their lines and they all sang beautifully. They also worked very hard over the Easter break with their Ancient Roman projects....

Year 2B Spring Blog

During Spring 2 the children learnt all about Nocturnal animals. They learnt all about the habitat, dietary requirements and the special features of hedgehogs, foxes and bats. Did you know Hedgehogs have about 8000 spines in the backs? They also took part...

Year 2C Spring Blog

During Spring Term 2, we were learning all about this history of British railways. We began our topic with an afternoon playing with a range of train sets. It was lots of fun! We then learned about the invention of the wheel and how this changed people’s...

Nursery Spring Blog

This half term in nursery we focused on animals and learnt all about farm animals in particular. In order to ‘bring this to life’ for the children we decided that a trip to a real, working farm was in order. We counted down the days until we visited...

Little Stars Spring Blog

This half term in Little Stars we have been busy with lots of Easter activities. The children made Easter chicks using paper plates. They also made Easter baskets in preparation to collect chocolate eggs during our Easter Egg Hunt. Parents also joined us...

Reception Spring Blog

Reception had a hoot during Spring Term! Our topic began by the children creating owl masks as part of their home learning and shared the book, ‘Owl Babies.’ We classified nocturnal animals and found out that not all owls are nocturnal. To conclude our...

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