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The children settled well into year 2 life, starting the year with a positive, hard working and determined attitude. This was rewarded as we became the very first class to enjoy the attendance treat. What a lot of fun we had on the inflatable with Matt from School of Military. Well done, Y2C!

What a busy Autumn Term we have had. Some children would say that the best part was designing and making their very own healthy sandwiches, but I would say that tasting all of the breads and fillings beforehand was the best part. Yummy!

Our whole school Deep Sea Dive week was a definite highlight! The week began with everyone coming into school dressed in an under the sea theme. We handled rock pool creatures, listened to Mel from RLNI and met our new patron of reading, Joe Todd Stanton. This week was truly amazing!

Another exciting topic was The Great Fire of London. Did you know that the fire started in a bakery on Pudding Lane in the early hours of Sunday 2nd September 1666? During this topic, we have dug for Samuel Pepys’ cheese and wine. We also designed, and made timber framed houses just like the ones that would be found in London in 1666. Then, we set fire to the houses to see how quickly the Great Fire of London would have spread.

At the beginning of December, we were invited to All Saints’ Church to take part in A Christmas Journey. This was a very special time where we time travelled back 2000 years to the time when Angel Gabriel visited Mary to tell her she would have a baby boy. Our time at All Saints’ Church was very special.

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