The children settledĀ  well into Little Stars life and lots of wonderful friendships were made right from the start. Our Autumn term has been packed with fun filled activities which the children have thoroughly enjoyed. Exciting stories, colour and shape have been our focus this term. This began with our whole school Deep Sea Dive week. The children also got to meet real sea creatures up close and personal at our Rockpool Experience over at school. Little Stars ‘under the sea’ theme was inspired by our story of the week ‘Barry the fish with fingers’. The children made their very own handprint fish and footprint starfish. “What a ticklish activity this was too” ! During one of our snack times we even got to taste fish finger sandwiches. We certainly have some talented singers within our Little Stars setting, as they sang beautifully along to our under the sea themed songs during carpet time.

Another story that we enjoyed was ‘The Gingerbread Man’. The children re-enacted the story using character puppets… “Run, run as fast as you can…. you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man” !!! Lots of laughter and chat was to be had during this activity. The children also made gingerbread biscuits and decorated them with icing and yummy chocolate buttons. “What a treat” !

‘The Little Red Hen’ was also another wonderful story that was covered in Little Stars this term. The children experimented with carrots and red and orange paint to make their own hen. We watched Pie Corbett’s version, which the children enjoyed and joined in with all the rhymes and actions to the story.

‘The Big Blue Train’ was also a big success. This lead to lots of imaginative play outdoors. What amazing trains were made using many different outdoor resources. Tyres, crates, and the simple items like hoops, to name but a few.

November certainly went with a bang. Colour and sparkle really captivated the children’s imagination. They made some fantastic firework pictures along with WOW words to describe what they made.

December brought the snow, if only for a day, and what a wonderful experience this was for the children. Lots of sensory play was enjoyed outdoors and of course lots of Christmas activities happening indoors too.

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