The children in Y4G have all settled in really well and have started the year with a very hard-working, enthusiastic attitude towards
their learning. All of the children in Y4G have made me feel very welcome at The District and we are really looking forward to the rest of the year and learning lots of new and exciting things together.

Y4G have  had  a busy Autumn term. We started the term by looking at the Amazon Rainforest. Over the summer, before we started our topic, the children had a project to create their own rainforests – some of the results were amazing and really showcased the some of children’s artistic talent. Well done, Y4G!

Y4G really enjoyed our whole school ‘Deep Sea Dive’ week. Y4G have two stand-out moments from the week; we got to handle rock pool creatures and our new patron of reading, Joe Todd Stanton, paid a visit to our classroom to show us how to draw our very own versions of Black Rock from his story ‘The Secret of Black Rock’. It was a very enjoyable week that we will never forget.

Y4G have been super mathematicians this term. One thing we have looked at in our maths lessons is column subtraction. At first, we all found column subtraction a little bit tricky, but with lots of practice (and lots of drawing on the tables) we are now comfortable with being to column subtract 4 digit numbers. We are very proud of ourselves!


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